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Oh yeah ! Played a lot of this kinda sport games, at a time...
Fun, but you gotta get used to it, for most.

Btw : The pad question :
This is more important than it seems at first,
  cause it may RUIN the gaming pleasure if bad...

PS2 pad ex. for the system I envision :

. Left analogic stick : moves
. Right analogic stick : camera
. (Left) dir° bns. : moves AND/OR ... (to be est.) (combos with 'em)
. Shape bns. :
  . Cross : action (classical) :
     . Attack (shoot an arrow, throw a pike, slash with New Moon...)
     . OR ... (to be est.) (Think of combos...)
  . Others (Square, Triangle, Circle) : (to be est.)
    Here typically these controls may be used for :
    . Taking ( Using : Cross bn. ) OR releasing an object
    . Special actions / menus like :
      . switching between characters
      . choosing what to say / how to use an object
      . trigger a special ability
        (tho' some could come auto. like the hyper-zoom for Scouter)
. trigger-like bns. (named L1, L2, R1, R2) :
  . L1 : Zoom (L1 for not being at the same side as the camera stick)
  . L2 : Change sight / action scale (group / ind.)
  . R1 : Weapons on ( / off )
  . R2 : Send (group : Open send) OR Talk (group : to everyone)
. Tiny Start and Select bns. :
  . Start (Pause effect) : directly to the Options screen,
     where one could (slightly) change some characters pre-settings (...)
  . Select : na

And there may be SIMPLE combos
(ex. : Lock / unlock group sight / action, auto. mode for a character ...)
(or more tricky ones for special moves / attacks / uses)

Oh, and NATURAL direction for moves / zooms (I mean : considering the screen display situation) is VERY profitable...

And on the other end, some Pad-manipulation drawbacks may as well reflect some hard-to-do things like :
the hunter moves slowly (careful Left stick moves) while focussing on his prey (constant zoom with L1) and correcting his aim (auto-fixed small cross on the prey pic) that is not that good (trembles or moves randomly), the slight corrections being made with the dir° bns. Then he'll have to throw his spear (or shoot his arrow) with the Cross bn...
Yep, rather uneasy, but near reality...

Many things (like the aiming here) should come auto. : after all, Wolfriders have had centuries practising the difficult art of hunting in forest, and keeping one's aim at the prey is one of those (though an untrained hunter - too young for inst. - may have trouble keeping the prey in his aim)
Also imagine some VERY practised hunters like Strongbow : his aim would stay perfectly at the prey's vitals, no matter what (reasonable) move ( " Strongbow never misses, never... " ).

Well, what do you make of it ?