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Other tech' aspects to keep in mind :

. LIGHT EFFECTS : in EQ, the Wolfriders have "night-vision" (tapetum light-increasing system many wild animals have), so this question won't that much a problem : just the sky to consider (and tapetum DOES make those stars - tiny lights - appear a bit brighter - just as in the series ), and some side-effects : at night, one may miss a branch when jumping, or little things like that

. POSTURES : limiting the number of possible postures is a classical way for the console game-builder to limit mem. management problems ('cause if any caharacter may have many postures, there's a multiplying process...) For Elfquest, we mainly see Wolfriders stand, or crouch or riding their wolves, or sitting or sleeping. That should be enough (or add jumps and rolling and crawling moves).
The "weapon on", facial aspects, ... effects may be (for most) super-imposed to the posture, which avoids too much multiplying.

. ZOOM / DISTANCE FROM THE SUBJECT: quite a delicate setting, this :
we want to RECOGNIZE at once any character, but we also want to see much of his/her surroundings; therefore, the - at will - zoom system seems very interesting to me, since it allows both (if the usual sighting distance is well set) AND to see facial / prey / surrounding details at will.

About sensory effects, I've come to think that smelling is NOT like sight or hearing : it depends on air moves, and your position, therefore, it would be better (rather than the "A dog's life" odorama) to just put a line of text at the bottom of the screen indicating what your character smells (or mixes), IF he/she DOES smell sth., cause (for inst.) rain and strong wind (or even some emotions or physical states) DO stop smells from being well perceived / identified.

... I'm still thinking ...