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Communication :

. Talking : elves talk in their own "tongue-tangling" language, or troll (why, it even seems that the language is the same...), and sometimes use the ugly human language (well, the one available at the time among nearest humans)
Let's say this is the talking system I blabbered about (symbolized infos + feelings, mixed into a text uttered - or whispered)

. Sending : elves may send info + emotions, but also pictures, which could be reflected in the game by :
The player is in a hunt and sees (or knows) where all the Wolfriders are. Pike suddenly sees a buck, but in a position not very easy to reach : reflex-action : he sends what he sees to Cutter (the leader) : an occurring pic-send from Pike happens to the player screen, who sees what Pike sees (practical - play question : the player sees Pike, then the zoom for him towards the prey)
More : Wolfriders' wolves may send simple info + feel ("Wolf send") :
  "Humans... They bring fire !"
Three kinds of sending :
. Open send (Voll's, "before violence erupts", is the best example)
. Usual one-to-one (or one to a few) sending
. LOCK-send : this has intimate use or (as with Strongbow with Skot & Krim) a way to make sendings clear to untrained senders.

. Howling : specialty of wolves & Wolfriders, may prove useful in a hunt (to guide the wolves to the prey(s) or the other way 'round) or in other situations... (" And they say Bearclaw was a gambler ! ")

. "Going out" is also a far-away communication system, but except between the pair Savah - Suntop, we don't see it happening much

. One interesting, alm. mystic, approach is the presence (AMONG the tribe) of those Wolfriders dead, who may - even dead - somehow communicate or help (but this is maybe a bit too far for a game)

Well... Can't see other elfin com' systems for now.
See you !