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Adding my 2 cents... sorry everyone if I haven't been much heard around lately. I had a lot of family problems, and a recent death these days. Unhappy

Now, as for what I'd like to see in Elfquest....

Haken and Sefra would be the founders of Blue Mountain (am I the only who's always thought there must be a relation of some kind between Sefra's and Skywise's passion for stargazing and the only flying elf-tribe of Abode?!)

The Go-Backs would have met the WolfRiders long before book Four... and Bearclaw and Kahvi have a child! :twisted:

Longbranch (man he was cool) and Brownberry would have never died. Nor would Strongbow's mom... what's her name... Trueflight.

Crescent would still be alive. Either that or her spirit would often guide You-Know-Who... and I'm not referring to Voldemort!!!

Cutter would never die. Nor would Strongbow.

Venka and Two-Edge would have a child. And Winnowill would be none too thrilled about it, but ultimately it'd be part of her own self-healing and long-awaited redemption.

Yeah, Winnowill would come back to the grand old self she was before the whole Blue Mountain era. This would require a lot of time, of course, and Rayek's loving support all the way. But she'd definitely overcome the worst side of herself - with some loud bump over the way.

Sunstream and Brill would meet, Recognize and fall in love anytime soon. She'd ask him to lifemate and Spine would join them in threemating, by exchanging his soul name with the couple. And they'd have a great time raising their very powerful child together.

Their very powerful child would Recognize Venka's own very powerful child at some point of the future. And, together, they'd fly the Palace of the High Ones!

Ember and Teir would Recognize and have a daughter.

Who would be the center of both Pool's and Sust's attentions, hence shaking things up between the two Wild Hunt boys.

Oh, and her name would be Foxglove, or anything like that.

A new band of Gliders would come back living at Blue Mountain. I won't spoil things up for who hasn't read SaTS yet, but I'd definitely see Lord Windkin ruling over Winnowill's lost empire, with his father, Aurek and Aroree as advisors and his children as new Chosen Hunters. Door's spirit would show up too at some point, causing them some troubles.

Venka would be the new leader of the Go-Backs, and Two-Edge would forge their weapons.

And Two-Edge and Reef would definitely become Soulbrothers. Or at least best friend. They've both suffered so much at Winnowill's hand, that'd be interesting to see them confronting their respective experiences.

The New WaveDancers would show up some of the rituals and customs of the Old WaveDancers (ie the storyteller thing or the Big Swim), suggesting they have common ancestors. And I'd definitely have the NWD come from the same history told for the OWD - or at least something like that. They do need a stabler background!!

Haze and Farbright would still be alive. And Haze would have a better fashion sense. Oh and Krill would be called Storm instead, now that's a way more fitting name for her!

Lastly, Skimback would die. I don't care how. Turned into the fishy takeaway snack of some giant killer whale, repeatedly shot at by Ardan Djarum, strangled by his own truly freaky amount of fins, strangled by Sandsparkle after their latest rift. All is fine as long as he dies. We've got enough of you and your fins, Skimback!

Or at least he'd have his magic drawn away. He's done way too many messes out of that. I mean, c'mon, those fins!! And he isn't seen twice with the same shape of ears. And he's even given himself webbed eyebrows! Urgh.

And by the way, his and Sandsparkle's child would be a rockshaper. Take this, Snakeskin! :twisted: