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Hi ya'll,
I am new here! Anyway, I would change the fact that when Leetah's high-one self (I forgot which issue) is shown is spirit form that she would could still be brown. I would also LOVE a new "savage" tribe to emmerse from a high one like Timmain who turned into a wolf. But this high-one turned into maybe a cat-like race, and there are very STRANGE parallels because they die as well. There would be (it would be hurtful to watch) a chief like Cutter that is a woman (NOT like Kahvi) and there would be a strange "Recognition" and this would change "recognition." In other words there would be, for the first time, a threat or a darker side to love that is beyond "threesomes," "love-mates" etc. There would be two "recognitions" for the first time and in there is a small quest where Leetah and Cutter (though painful) try to find out what it is and why. In the meantime Cutter cannot get this elf out of his head. What is this strange feeling? He is still Leetah's and that will never change. I just think this would be interesting. And this new race has a different look. Either they are much darker then the sun villagers or have different features then the typical big eyes. Maybe their lips are bigger, or their eyes are squintier, or they are in a time where they still kind of look lke cats. They could look more African -- I think it would be really cool to explore a darker race, or even a dark dark race -- like ebony or their hair was NAPPY! Or they looked more Asian --- my brain keeps going doesn't it? LOL And where could they resonate? Maybe a cross between the forest and the desert, like a savannah ... blah blah blah :) and they can jump like cats.