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Haken and Sefra would be the founders of Blue Mountain [quote][/color:27113e20e7]
Haya christina, first i wanted to say keep thinking positive....I know, cause it helped me a lot in those times a couple of years ago....

But as to your ideas about blue mountian? intriguing...as of a week ago i am writing a story about the gliders and their history, ( and xan21 is doing the art.....have you seen art by him?? it is of such high quality you won't believe it until you see it 8) )before blue mountian as is the founding and shaping of the mountian, and inbetween the stories of winnie, voll and a couple of more gliders and some surprise links to other tribes...can anyone say rootles ones?? (no i haven't read any stories about the rootless ones yet but these in my story are my guezz..

As to haken and sefra??? mm i ll give one litle tease away noww Wink

Sefra and Deir are voll's parents,Yes i think for real, so haken is the possible father of winnie, but i haven't figured her parents out for sure yet....though maybe, just maybe winnie has a brother Wink