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Well one of the things that I wanted to see already happened, and yes, that was Strongbow and Moonshade having another child. :)

Hmmm, I like the idea of LEetah and Cutter having another cub. I mean, why not? You'd think with her being a healer and with everyone near the Palace it would happen right?

If I had had my way, Windkin would have never lost his wolf blood. It broke my heart when I first read it. Unhappy

Plus, Rainsong, Woodlock and Wing would have slept until the return of the Palace.

Oh yeah, and Leetah would have been able to heal One-Eye to full living state.

Other things I would like to see:

-Clearbrook's daughter's name

-Stories about Rainsong (I just want to know more about her before she had kids. Was she a hunter? Was she close with Pike? This is one reason why I like the Prose Novels so much.)

-Dart and Newstar's Sun village childhood compare and contrast. Come on, it might not have been the same for both of them considering one child had both parents with them while the other did not.

-More Strongbow and Moonshade. Can't get enough of them!!

I guess over all I just want to see more explaining past characters or events.