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Personally, I wouldn't want to actually interfere with the whole WaRP creative process, because I know what it is like to have someone mess with my ideas. On the other hand, I think this is a good idea for a forum, because it does spark creativity, and it's just make-believe.

There aren't any characters I'd change as far as death or recognition or birth. Being a Troll advocate, I'd like to see more appreciation shown for Oddbit. Oddbit gave birth to a number of Trolls. Yet, in her old age she was apparently regarded as a burden on the community. Geez, how sexist can you get?

Speaking of underappreciated Moms, I'd like to see less judgment cast against Winnowill. Winnowill gave birth to Two-Edge, a one-man Rennaissance. No one ever handed her so much as a bouquet in the maternity ward. Healer or not, any idea how painful it is to deliver a Troll baby with Elfin hips? (Still, it's a pity someone couldn't rid Two-Edge of his Elf blood, as I think it was always holding him back.)

Maybe she was an abusive mother and not much of a wife. Did anyone call Social Services, provide marriage counselling, or even offer to babysit? (Today she could have been paid to appear on Jerry Springer.)

Winnowill has always been regarded as bad, just plain bad. If Winnowill had been born on the original home planet of the High Ones, under the laws of that society, maybe she would have been obligated to live under those laws. However, as far as I can tell, Abode had no central government, no Constitution, no Bill of Rights, no Ten Commandments, no Code of Hammurabai, no Roberts Rules of Order. So how does everybody seem to have the right to condemn her actions and ambitions? Maybe it's that whole deep-seated fear of women being in power. Or the problem people have with artists who experiment with a new medium, in this case living flesh and mental processes.

If I did wish for Recognition on anyone, I wish Winnowill had recognized someone before she was disembodied. She could have had an Elf son or daughter with an entirely different set of values, and equally powerful magic. -Someone who played nicely with others, perhaps.