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I would REALLY not like to see any more stories from the past. Now that the manga books are trying to put everything in chronological order, I think any more stories about Bearclaw or any other cheif from the past is unneccesary. I know some of you want to see stories of some Go-Backs and Sun Villagers, but I honestly don't think those stories would be too exciting. I would much rather see all the loose ends tied up that were never finished from the 2nd EQ anthology series. By creating new stories from the past, you are messing up the concept of putting the whole series in chronological order. Where are you going to shove those stories?

I really hope the manga series is successful enough so everything from The Grand Quest until The Final Quest (whenever that happens) is available. I was never happy with the Reader's Collection. I didn't like the numbering. Some stories are out of order, such as Rogue's Curse, Wild Hunt/Shadowstalker and the New Blood books. If you read the books in numerical order, the overall story can be pretty confusing. Hopefully, the manga series will fix all of this.

Why is it that we fans easily point out printing errors the very same day we buy the books but the editors for some reason miss all of these obvious errors? Just like video games or computer programs have "beta testers", I think comics need some kind of equivilent. Before the books go to print, some of us should be able to read them to triple check (assuming the editors double check) and make sure the book is error free, or maybe we can offer suggestions. I would've loved to been some kind of proofreader for the Reader's Collections and now the manga trades. I'm sure some of you felt the same way when you bought some of the books and noticed the book numbers were wrong, or that there was some story missing.

Heck, I would've loved to been the one to tell Wendy that so-and-so's art just wasn't good enough for us. I was just flipping through some of my EQ comics and saw some story that took place after the Shards story. It was about Leetah, Suntop and Ember. I didn't read it (and haven't in over 5 years or so) so I don't know what it was about, all I know is the art sucked, worse than any artist that you may dislike. All I could think was "what in the world of two moons were they thinking hiring this 5-year old to draw this story".

So basically, I would REALLY like to see NO MORE errors, CONTINUITY and LESS STORIES FROM THE PAST. Sorry for the caps.