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[quote:bf31bc4672]You see these basics in the BoTC and Wolfrider books. Read the BotC novels if you want to get a better insight of past chiefs[/quote:bf31bc4672]

I am not interested in the history of the wolfriders, that does not interest me,therefore I dont read it. My interest are in the two tribes I mentioned.

No, I do not want to see one elf grow up.

I want to see the history of both tribes, I want to see the Gliders living in the forest before founding blue mountain. I want to see them creating it, I want to see them in their hey day before they stagnated. I just overall want to see life in the moutain.

As for the Sun Villagers. I want to see who the Rootless ones come from, I want to see them living in the forest as well, I want to see them crossing the desert, I want to see them settling Sorrow's End. I want to see Savah and Yureks relationship, I want to see Yurek creating the bridge of destiny. I want to see their struggles to make it in desert enviornment before they caught knack of it.

There are a lot of things I want to see besides seeing "one elf grow up." I understand these things may not be interesting to you, but they are things that would interest me and others, that we would like to see... To each his own.. For one, I could care less about Menders tale, and was not entertained by it, but im not going to question those that do and tell them its boring etc etc etc. We all find different parts of Elfquest interesting, and this is one I myself would like to see and take great interest in.[/quote]