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I would like to see all of that as well, but only if it's good. Just look at some of the BoTC comics. Other artists and writers stepped all over our beloved EQ universe. Some was good, some was horrible. I would much rather not have any more stories from the past since most likely, they would be done by other artists and writers. But, I will say, if a manga book or 2 was done about the Sun Folk and Blue Mt. elves, then I would have no problem with it because it can simply go before the Wolfrider books. It wouldn't interrupt the flow of the current books.

I know you don't mind where a story fits, but I do and I'm sick of my EQ books being out of order on my bookshelf. I wouldn't want a one-shot story. I would want a whole book to come out, so it can fit nice and neatly next to another book on my shelf, not so I can put it in the Misc. stack.

So, I agree with you, but only if it's done right. Only if Wendy, or maybe Sonny Strait drew it, who in my opinion is the closest any of the other artists came to Wendy's work. And only if Wendy and Richard wrote it.