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Oh her website Wingthing says:

[quote:196360c077] And let's not forget how [Leetah] brainwashed Ember to think of cubs born out of Recognition as equivalent to human "bastards." So now, even though she and Teir have finally worked things out, she doesn't want to have a cub outside of Recognition, even though half the tribe was born out of "true" Recognition (Teir, Pike, Sust, Tyleet, Krim and Yun.)

I've been mulling this over for some time and I think I see where Ember was coming from. What she told Teir when he asked her why she wasn't willing when the Wolfrider healer was, was "It's not right... for me."

I don't think she has anything specifically against getting cubs outside of Recognition. She may have a romantic image of Recognition and want to wait for "the one." Or-- and this is my take on things-- she just doesn't want to start a family when Recognition could strike any time and play absolute havoc with her family. Just think what a mess it would have been if Leetah and Rayek had already started a family!