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Most of the elves have pre concieved notions about people and things. Just like the humans do. Kind of makes our little pointy ears more identifiable.

I mean there HAS to a stigma against children born outside of recognition! Pike puts himself down constantly because he was born outside of it, and even his own father gives a dig about Pike being born outside of recognition. I'm not saying it's the sort of harsh bigotry that exists in other areas, but the stigma is there.

I can deal with all the other weird ticks of Elfquest, because a lot of theconflicts mirror real life stuff for us humans. The "pure" bloods v. the "impure" bloods, that is stuff taken directly from stuff that happens here. And it's always dealt with in a very honest way. Humans v. elves is something else that we can find the parralells.

But the bias recognition against the people born outside of recognition has always made me a bit twitchy. Sort of like they're a type of second class citizen no matter what tribe they're from. Sad, children shouldn't have to grow up under that type of scruntiny and stigma. But that isn't a reason not to have those types of children.

The first step is always the hardest.

This is all very disjointed. This topic touches me in an almost spiritual sense. What type of child is "better" than another one? Which type of child has more status. It always makes me very sad.

I'm done now.