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You know, though, I never thought that Rain was jabbin' at Pike. I mean, Pike initiated the joke and Rain continued it, with nothing negative inflicted behind it. Likewise, I don't think that Leetah thinks any less of Pike because he was born outside of recognition. In fact, she even said that recognition could strike him because she genuinely felt that he thought less of himself because of his breeding. I mean, if that were the case, she wouldn't have much respect toward Skot, Krim and Venka, either. We know that Venka wasn't a child of recogntion and her powers are awesome! Likely, as Skot and Krim were Go-Backs, we can assume that they were born outside of recognition as well.

I think what she meant by her comment that Pool was a child of recognition was that the High Ones grant favor to the children whom they bring together through recognition and that they are usually blessed with special gifts of some sort. In other words, they are special. I don't think she was saying that children born outside of recognition were not special, but, as the moment pertained to one born of it, she made the comment that he would be special because of his special conception.