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I know that children born out of recognition are somehow more gifted than other children. But I don't think it's fair that a younger child, born out of recognition, has more right to be chief than the oldest child, not born out of recognition. I think Two-spear and Skyfire had both the right to be chief. But Skyfire was a better choice, and I think that was a better reason to make her chief than the whole 'she's born outof recognition, she has more right to be chief' Every elf is considered equal, right? I understand that the elves born out of recognition are more gifted, but they don't have to make such a big deal of it.
Ofcourse recognition ensures that there will be strong elves born and so on. But I believe a child born out of love is just as important and meaningful.
I don't agree with those traditions that the oldest child must succeed it's father if there are more children in a family. I think the child who's most fitted for the job must succeed it's parents. And it doesn't matter if you're not the oldest. Like if Suntop would be older than Ember, Ember would still become chief. Suntop doesn't want/need to be chief.

So I don't think Ember should waith for recognition strikes to have children. It shouldn't matter if an elf is born out of recognition or not, the child who would be the best chief should succeed Ember. Ofcourse it's possible they don't get along and both want to be chief. But in that case it should be the tribes choice I guess...