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Kahvi? Oh come on- she definately has a soft side. It doesn't reveal itself often, but...

she was gentle with Venka, and she cried for Vaya.

I think Kahvi just got tired of waiting for Rayek- tired of waiting for revenge. It had been too many years- and how long can you nurse anger?
When she told Venka to "teach him a lesson- teach him so he learns," that's really all she meant. She knew Rayek was arrogant and selfrighteous. She knew he made horrible. catastrophic errors in judegment. I think, at that point, all she could hope was that he would see himself- see what he'd done- and change.

Who better to accomplish that than his own daughter?

Regarding Venka's talents... I think they were the result of her being the daughter of two very powerful people- as was said. Maybe she focused her skills on deflecting Winnowil- by necessity? She just got really good at that one thing through practice?

Who knows what else she might be capable of. Heck she could have plenty of abilities ehe's never explored!
(*Marches with sign: Venka miniseries- now!* Wink)

I don't think she was born into a particular time for a particular reason. (Except that this is a comic book-- and the plot is clearly shaped by 'intelligent design'- Pini style!)