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Reyes Lord

A very nice looking couple. But I think I'd like the idea of them Recognizing other elves better, to spread out the Glider blood as much as possible. Plus things just seem to be more angsty and action-filled when that sort of thing happens.

Well, as long-lived as the two are I can see them possibly Recognizing others in the future. Nothing in my story would preclude that. I see more of an emphasis on their long-standing friendship and joy over rebuilding their tribe. The reasons Glider Recognition was repressed (overcrowding, Winnowill's meddling) no longer exist so I think as soon they first see each other,**Bang-Pow!** . They're not gonna be like a Cutter/Leetah or Strongbow/Moonshade thing. I'm more of an action-adventure girl than a lovey-dovey storyteller. Not huge on angst unless it's appropriate. A little angst goes a long way and a lot of fan writers tend to overuse the device.

My take on the characters:

Aroree's still my favorite li'l sad-eyed airhead but her sojourn with the Wolfriders has really strengthened her backbone and her self-reliance. She's still on her mission with Two-Edge and Venka to find Kahvi and Tyldak and not even a two-year long pregnancy will disuade her! I can see her being more chancey than Aurek's comfortable with. The whole group will have to keep her from flying where angels fear to tread!

Aurek is one I'm still feeling out. He has enormous knowledge but, maybe little practical experience (yes, even after 10,000 years). He treasures Aroree more for their millennia-long friendship than anything else. It's gonna come as a major shock to him how territorial and deadly he can be when his newly formed family unit is threatened (and it will be!) I also see him as having a sly, dry sense of humor and more than a little love for fermented beverages. :D

Their adventures among humans (and maybe a few new elves) will be a major subplot. Since Abode is currently in its early Renaissance phase that should be a lot of fun to write!!!