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A question has arisen: Where do you find the books and other items that you put up for auction on eBay? There is also, I suspect, an unasked related question: And why can't I find them as well, other than at auction?

The answer is pretty simple. Warp has a warehouse that we rent. Into that warehouse over the years have gone cartons and cartons of copies of the various projects we've been responsible for. As time permits, I try to clean the place up, open long-hidden boxes of stuff (some of them packed by other Warp employees years ago, stored away and forgotten), and organize. Today I might uncover some copies of "Wild Hunt" that were put aside for an order that was never paid for, so never got sent. Tomorrow I might discover some sample t-shirts that were going to be used as distribution giveaways, but got shuffled away when the trade show didn't happen. Over the years, we've sent complimentary copies of various books to the artists and writers who've worked on them; over the years, as those artists and writers have moved, they've asked if we want the books back. I always say yes. The stories are near-endless.

So that's where the offerings come from. If it seems like we have some magical, near-endless supply of this or that... don't get caught. We're plumb out of some things. For example, "Rogue's Curse" is gone - for the time, at least - and I have no leads to any more copies. If you're looking, and if we're offering, the choice is always yours - strike or wait - but be aware of the reality.