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I will never forgive her for torturing Strongbow like that. but I wrote her a poem ayway. It is really long.

Black Snake
Living in a mountain, a lovemate and a home.
Healing powers kept inside, feeling so alone.
A stranger found, his memory lost,
Joined and offspring made.

Caverns deep, never asleep, what to do with you.

His memory found. His mission remembered,
She will not let him hurt them.
Mate is dead, thoughts twisted in the head.
Her powers loosed and flowing.

Screams coming from the cage, you’re no son of mine.

Returning to her master, steering his plans off course.
Preservers away, to the Palace he’ll not go forth.
Dealing pain, to fix the hurts, they think they need her again.
Strangers come, beastly elves, must be dealt with soon.

Recognition, not with one of mine!

Turn their thoughts, steal their names,
Their will is stronger then most.
Deal with Voll, the game begins,
Damn that half blood host.

Stolen child, Stolen soul, a healing not quit finished.

Dreams remembered, life is lost, a war begins in snow.
New elves found, and new love tart as wine.
Brown skin, dark hair, and a heart fragile to begin with.
With him I’ll play a new game. The palace will be mine.

Healing botched, Palace lost, stranded on an Island.

The sea rushes in, she changes again, to live ”˜nieth water.
The palace is gone, time flies by, her love returns much later.
Put in a trance, now’s her chance; to take over the palace.
A new mind comes, sears her thoughts, the palace falls and shatters.

Call to the human, gather the palace, Go to war with them.

Shards are gathered, the Scroll of colors, a room made of crystal.
Must drive the Djun mad, and ignore the mad ramblings
flowing from the walls
A new game he says. She plays along, while he helps the beastly ones.

With deformed dogs, and powers strong. No one dares to stop me.

That searing mind, a strong will she once tried to break,
Both keeping her far from winning.
She knows she’s loosing, she turns to the Djun and sees his crazy eyes.
A Highone comes. A fight endures. My soul is lost to the living.

Free at last, The Palace is mine. NO! Don’t cage me in.

His love is strong. His love is strange.
The one thing I cannot fight.
He pulls me in so no one else will suffer,
Ready to hold on tight.

The palace is lost to me. My soul will never be free.

A cavern deep, never to sleep, She keeps him on his toes.
Her powers kept inside, her true feeling never shows.
He travels the world with his friend,
Peace forever beyond him.

“Sleep my Love, This at least I can give you.”

She’ll try to break free later.