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As a character, she's sort of minor. Rather like Treestump. I don't see her going through a lot of psychological upheaval or anything; she doesn't have any brilliant insights or lovable quirks or self-quests of her own it seems. Curse all those boy-scout Cutters and pompous Rayeks getting in the way of the real main characters!

Yes, beautiful Moonshade has always been one of my favourite characters, and yes, it does have a lot to do with her looks. Just look at the pics Cactus and Foxeye posted! Comic books are a visual medium, after all. One I'm not going to buy anymore unless I like the art.

She's aptly named. Blueberries and moths - not orchids and silly butterflies. There's nothing tacky, garish or impractically glamourous about her... on the outside.

Perhaps she does get a bit of a secret kick out of being "the sensible one", the "devoted one", the "Waykeeping one".

Defined, every now and then, as her being "conservative". Not the most endearing quality to me, usually, but that's because this is Earth, not the woods Abode... Think about it: it means that she thinks her lifestyle is worth conserving. And don't we, the readers, enjoy observing that lifestyle - the "Way"? Maybe it's one of the big attractions of escapist literature: something unquestionably worth defending. Why not be conservative about it, then?

Oh, right. It's narrow-minded and ultimately insufficiently universal. No, I meant it; it didn't work out in the long run. But they did realise that and they did have to defend it because Wolfrider culture was designed to be "good", not a mistake.

("Being conservative." Or was it "being all woman"? Welly welly well! I think they meant "surrendering to the bliss of submission". That, at least, was the context. Say, is her chara biography in the English original of "The First 20 Years"? Would somebody mind quoting that to me?)

So there's this free-spirited culture where everyone jumps everyone else's bones - and it's biggest proponent is an utterly devoted monogamist hardliner.

I love it! It even makes sense. In a Way. She's free; she's a wolfrider, not Thkr'ek'hkk's'ht-fearing chattel. She's free to make no or little use of what only we with our cultural conditioning think of as libertarian. (Consider this: the insidiousness of anti-freedom lies not in not actually doing X, but in forcing everyone else to not do X either. Or, conversely: you're free to paint your walls all shades of garish six times a day, but you don't have to.

She's free to be devoted... or completely obsessed, whichever it really is. I'm not sure how Strongbow can stand it sometimes, but... oh, well. There're many things I'm not sure about regarding "Being Strongbow". Sometimes he's like Moonshade cranked up way beyond 100%. But he's also responsible for the bits in KOTBW that I found important, so I'll let that slip!

(Well, wasn't that an insightful post. *groan*. Sometimes just typing a lot seems to make up for having nothing to say!)