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[quote:269b46ee3b]("Being conservative." Or was it "being all woman"? Welly welly well! I think they meant "surrendering to the bliss of submission". That, at least, was the context. Say, is her chara biography in the English original of "The First 20 Years"? Would somebody mind quoting that to me?) [/quote:269b46ee3b]

I'm not quite sure what you're referring to here, Nowth.

But I don't think the free-love thing is necessarily part of The Way. It's part of being an elf, certainly, but if anything, the other tribes are more that way than the Wolfriders, who, doing things as wolves do, seem to focus on lifemating more than the other tribes do.

I agree that it's nice that Moonshade doesn't impose her monogamy on others, but she also feels free to practice it. :)

But really, she does at times come across with that "my Way is the only way" attitude. Specifically when she tells Leetah how it was Leetah's duty to go with Cutter on his quest. But I think she's learned more tolerance for other ways of life since those early days.

Moonshade is a really interesting character. As Krim says, "That flowerlike face never fooled me. Hard as bright-metal, aren't you?"

I don't really think of Moonshade as being obsessively clingy with Strongbow, though. Look at the way she let him run off on his own to hunt for Lashpaw! I think it's just devotion-- and that he feels the same way towards her.