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[quote:f7d0df2901="Nowth"] Yah... interesting. Then "standard" elves see relatively little need to lifemate? All the half-way intense couples I can think of are Wolfriders (- but I haven't been reading a lot of EQ lately.)

I don't see lifemating and "the free-love thing" as mutually exclusive, though; just think of Nightfall and Cutter. Or Kahvi and Cutter. Or Skywise and Cutter. (Huh. That Cutter. Tsk.) Leetah never had anything to fear from any of them.[/quote:f7d0df2901]

Well, Sun Villagers lifemate, and so do Wavedancers. But Go-Backs and Gliders just don't seem to at all. I think, really, it's related to each individual culture. And the Wolfriders do seem to be a culture that puts a lot of emphasis on lifemating, though they're not the only one. For the Wolfriders, I think it's related to their observations of wolf behavior, though of course their elfin nature is a factor, too-- as you said, most lifemates do share from time to time.

[quote:f7d0df2901]She does kinda follow his lead, even if she thinks he is wrong. Or, as she'd put it: if they are wrong.

I don't actually mind that; although I'm not sure how well it'd work in the real world, I'll just assume that with Moonshade it's a healthy kind of devotion.

It's sweet. Even enviable.

From Strongbow's POV, though -- if I were in his place, it'd creep me out; I'd have to go woo Kahvi for a bit.

Then again, I might be exaggerating what's just one or two incidences.[/quote:f7d0df2901]

Hmm. Moonshade certainly seems to follow Strongbow's lead, but I think it's just an individual dynamic of their relationship rather than a cultural thing. Nightfall and Redlance seem to have the opposite dynamic. I think Moonshade just prefers to be the supporter rather than the leader.

I assume you are referring above to the incident where she left Blue Mountain with him, then later asked him if "they" were wrong. Personally, I think she knew her lifemate and how to diplomatically handle the situation. What good would it have done to just let him leave alone? He would have felt even more misunderstood and sorry for himself, and he would have had no one to convince him he was in error. By going with him, and then identifying herself with his decision, she took the sting out of her words so that he could listen. And it worked!

There are ways to deal with someone like Strongbow, and ways not to deal with him. Moonshade knows her lifemate.

I do find myself wondering, though, what might happen if an incident ever arose where Moonshade felt it necessary to actually oppose him. Hmm. Might make an interesting fanfic. . .