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[quote:98b873bf36="krwordgazer"]And the Wolfriders do seem to be a culture that puts a lot of emphasis on lifemating, though they're not the only one. For the Wolfriders, I think it's related to their observations of wolf behavior, though of course their elfin nature is a factor, too-- as you said, most lifemates do share from time to time. [/quote:98b873bf36]
Wolfrider couples seem a lot more affectionate, seem to need each other a lot more than non-Wolfrider couples, by and large. Maybe it's the dangerous lifestyle, compared to Sunfolk.

[quote:98b873bf36]Hmm. Moonshade certainly seems to follow Strongbow's lead, but I think it's just an individual dynamic of their relationship rather than a cultural thing. Nightfall and Redlance seem to have the opposite dynamic. [/quote:98b873bf36]

It's the same dynamic, I think. There doesn't seem to be any kind of gender-based power exchange going on usually, She-Softness (tm) notwithstanding. - Secondary literature and internet postings sometimes suggest as much, though: R & N are the progressive, exceptional couple; M & S the traditional, even "natural" one. Nightfall is surprisingly "yang" for a sexy female and Moonshade's devotion is proof of her being "all woman". It's not entirely clear to me whether that's supposed to be "universal" or an Abodean thing.

[quote:98b873bf36]I think Moonshade just prefers to be the supporter rather than the leader.[/quote:98b873bf36]

And why shouldn't she.

[quote:98b873bf36]There are ways to deal with someone like Strongbow, and ways not to deal with him. Moonshade knows her lifemate.[/quote:98b873bf36]

I have this feeling that there's more to it than just "dealing" with Strongbow, and more than an unwillingness to take the lead.

She and Strongbow are the quintessential recognised lifemates, united in Wolfrider utter certainty. And they both value the security of knowing their place in the world and their tribe. Why, then, shouldn't this apply to their respective places in their own little tribe-of-two?

Compare their "Dreamtime" to the others'. There're no Rayeks, Kahvis, humans, Two-Edges; just them, and their children. They're flowers on the tree of life, not its gardeners.(*)

Now... I don't mean that she'll actually agree with everything he says - just that there's more to it than humouring him or sparing him or managing his emotions for him. Something tranquil and almost spiritual.

That's speculation, of course. I didn't feel like writing "maybe" and "perhaps" and going crazy with the conjunctive. Maybe I'm just regressing into good little wife clichés, and she's really just humouring his moods.

(*do I win a dunce cap for that?)

[quote:98b873bf36]I do find myself wondering, though, what might happen if an incident ever arose where Moonshade felt it necessary to actually oppose him. Hmm. Might make an interesting fanfic. . .[/quote:98b873bf36]

How did they hook up anyhow?