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I find many of them a little aloof now... (and this is *very* "IMO")... they all grew up so fast while I was away! When KOTBW ended, I thought that was the end of it, and even *it* wasn't quite the Elfquest I could relate to. My pointy-ears had become so powerful, so morally superior in a way. All the while humiliating our hapless troll family ~ rolling them around in a ball of preserver goo was just sort of ...I dunno. I'm too serious, huh?

And the art was so cleaned up, so orderly. I missed the lovely "lushness" and organic feel of the first quest (specifically the forbidden grove and blue mountain), the vulnerability and rawness expressed and how it made the love and care between the characters seem even more precious. I can't quite put my finger on it... but I was glad Tyldak, Aroree, Ekuar and Kahvi were around in KOTBW, as the wolfriders themselves had apparently become too adult for my own stunted development. Musta been those beards, to some extent; how *do* they keep everything so neat and tidy (but then I might as well ask why the male characters have no upper lips)? So...

I want a full album done in Timmain/Timmorn flashback style, squiggly lines and hungry, emanciated, sad-eyed sylphs and all! Oh yes, my precious

And certainly Rayek and "raging fury"-mode Winnowill had sort of crossed a line. I loved the conversations Winnowill had with Leetah and others back in the first quest, tempting, mocking, manipulating,... she was cruel and twisty in her ambitions but not entirely out of reach yet (or so it seemed) and that made her an endlessly intriguing character, especially in contrast with the rather non-sneaky (and sometimes naive) wolfriders; and it was great to see how they dealt with such an unfamiliar and unwelcoming environment.


I want the history of the gliders, of Voll, Winnowill, troll guy and Two-Edge, of the Bird Spirit Cult and of Aroree and Kureel and Littletrill and the early chosen eight, preferably with lots of sensually confusing faery-baroque elf-goth cruft and only very little pink.

But really, I would also welcome 100 pages of soft little rabbit sun villager frolicking, if done ...in a certain way. The Heart's Way was great, it seemed to have the chiseled crispness of back then, and it and Dreamtime were coloured just ...right. Might just be my favourite EQ-in-colour: deep, natural, "calm" colours. Not like something out of cyberspace. And Skywise has never looked this adorable before. Actually I never really thought of him as adorable before. Not next to Moonshade or Dewshine...