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krwordgazer wrote: "I think most of the elves do have one standard-- not exactly a law. Do you love, or do you use? Winnowill isn't called "the loveless one" for nothing."

I agree about this being a standard rather than a law. Would love too see some EQ fan/law student pick up on that one.

Winnowill does love something, or at least herself, depending upon one's definition of love. She acts out of self-preservation when necessary. I hope she does stick around in some form or another.

One thing that people probably find most scary about Winnowill is that she is female, attractive, intelligent and powerful. Being both a mother and a murderer contradicts the traditions of human society (as dramatized in Lady Macbeth's sleepwalking scene.) As examples, movie monsters are often stupid enough to be outwitted. Darth Vader is aceptible as a commander of legions of evildoers because he is male. Movie "bad girls" are defeated when they lose the power that they derive from manipulating men, unless they have some kind of fantasy power of their own.

I saw the last "X-Men" movie and was bothered that they used the "B" word, maybe twice, to refer to villainesses - and I think this type of misogyny (spelling) is an example of what I'm talking about.