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The misogyny in our culture does exist, I agree-- but Trollbabe, what you said about Winnowill: "female, attractive, intelligent and powerful," applies also to Savah, and Timmain. Do people find them scary? I don't know. I think Winnowill represents a type-- the beautiful woman without mercy-- and the scary thing is not that a female can't be attractive, intelligent and powerful, but that it's troubling that a beautiful woman would also be cruel and heartless. You're right that women are thought of as nurturers, and that Winnie turns the whole motherhood thing on its head in a frightening way.

I don't think that women in our culture are considered frightening just for being intelligent and attractive -- though I think some people still find the thought of a woman in power disconcerting. Elfquest, though, obviously doesn't. :)

As for laws vs. standards-- I'm no lawyer, but as a paralegal I would say that most elf tribes don't actually have any laws at all-- no real body of do's and dont's passed down by the culture and enforced by the rulers. The Way is the closest thing any elf tribe has to a law. The Sun Village has a principle -- do no harm-- but I wouldn't call that a law, either.

I kind of think this topic deserves its own thread, though-- if anyone else wants to continue to discuss it. :)