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Yeah, I was programmed with all kind of dangerous stuff when I was little... lies, secrets, silence and A Role To Play.... the game of Don't Tell Mommy... my dad was the first programmer, my mom was the person who went away to work and came home too tired to listen to anyone, especially not dad, who stole the stage... then all three of us and the toys helped program my brother into a mixture of Teir and Scorch Chirrell... and I learned to write to get mom's attention... and I read books and the books programmed me...

Now, someone has found a bug. I think it is called Bumbleberry.

I'm going to get myself debugged starting last week...

The trouble is, how can you heal a sick mind if the patient knows how to mindwipe? I think I might even want to try hypnosis...

*hugs Nowth* don't worry, the angels wear the bodies of my family now. They're real, and they will look after me.

Now, we seem to be spamming again... would someone like to post another picture, to get us back on track?