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[quote:ce74d3714a="krwordgazer"]It's always been a bit of peeve with me that we're all supposed to accept that Adhri and Windkin are lifemates, when that has never been so much as whispered of in the actual comics. The reference in the comic (Forevergreen) only said that Windkin had loved her, and she had been gentle with his young love. Which doesn't even really imply that she ever loved him back.

Don't get me wrong, I don't mind if they really are lifemates; I even like the idea. But I don't like getting told things by the Who's Who or Gatherum that are not even hinted of in the series itself. :?[/quote:ce74d3714a]

Hmm. I get the feeling that it might be along the lines of Leetah meaning "Healing Light" or whatever it was. That started as fan speculation that was repeated so often that fans forgot that it was just speculation, and then mistakenly ended up [b:ce74d3714a]in[/b:ce74d3714a] some of those more or less official references. Partly due to a fan or fans who was/were interning at Warp, and some oversights on the editor's part. :roll: