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Yeah, too much muscled..I don't like that particular picture of Kahvi, with that sixpack, but she is what she is, like Luna mentioned.

Ultimate female?
I guess that's differant, for everyone.
It's just a matter of taste, views on life..

Gazer thinks that Nightfall is sexy, well, the one who made the topic finds Kahvi sexy, and I have to say that I think Kahvi is sexy too.
Yes she has a square face, yes she has furry eyebrows and yes, she can be a pain in the ass...but don't we all?

The rest of the female elves are sooooooo perfect.
They never do anything wrong, and ooh they all look so pretty, they all can join Naomi Cambel on the catwalk.

Kahvi is like us. Kahvi is way more human then we all like to admit.
The reason so less people like her, is because we recognize ourselfves in her.

You always annoy yourself about peoples doings/habits, while you do the same thing.
(darn, I am telling this on the way I wanna..hope you guys understand me)

Nah, Kahvi is brave, on her way..she's not afraid to speak her thoughts, she is a loner and tough, that's her way to live.
She's strong, and she loved Vaya, on her way.
Who are we to decide for her how to live her life?
I'm glad she's not a decent elf..
But an enfent terrible. Becausse we all need an enfent terrible, to embrace ourselfves..our own enfent terrible, deep down your inner soul.

*cheers for Kahvi*