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I guess I just can't really stomach modern video games. Neither space marine zombie grit nor anything that looks like anime in any way, nor first person perspectives. *brr* It just doesn't give me a sense of, dunno, scenery... everything's coming at me from every direction and I'm glued to the middle of the world and I can't even tell how far away it is and, eep.

Which I suppose explains why my newest console is an Atari 7800 and my newest purchased game is Myst III. Hey, it had that chirpy little bunny creature, and wave sounds. (I dunno what else the game was about, never got anywhere)

As for what I do like: games with a story - and where you can actually affect and manipulate the world around you and not just kill it when it attacks...

Items and characters in the world that are unique and generally exist for a particular, plot-relevant purpose, even when they can be misused creatively...

...like using a teleportation spell to shoplift - or a pickaxe - or a dog trained to fetch ;). Well, yes, the shop would have to actually exist as tangible game-world objects. Don't just give some crummy old menu, give me the thing itself and let the laws of in-game physics work it out.

What I've always been hiding from: multiplayer games. When I do play games (and that's almost never) it's to get AWAY from people :P... and somehow I've felt that the "snowglobe" appeal of a pristine artificial miniature universe is missing when there's too much OMGWTF and squishy messy human role-playing.

I'm not sure about what you can do in a multiplayer game, and how. By typing that you do it? That would not, for example, help a lot with world-changing events like the transformation of Blue Mountain into a giant floating Egg. Those things would have to be built in, no?

But is this possible at all - a massively multiplayer adventure game? Wouldn't that mean every player would have to have New Moon, complete with the key? The status of Two-Edge's lair would have to reset itself every time a fresh player entered... Aroree would abduct endlessly replenished supplies of Windkins while simultaneously flying across the vastdeep or haggling with Winnie or weeping for Skywise...

That would be a horrible mess I imagine; at the very least it'd necessitate that every play-through be planned in advance with nobody joining in later...

I can't see how to make that work, anyway. The players would instantly dismantle the plot and then there'd be, I dunno what left. Zwootherding and human-shooting? Or pretend-play with graphics, but no integration into the mechanics of the gameworld? E.g.: you could act out a recognition in chat or with gestures, if available... but if it's not built into the game then you might as well write emails about it... no, I guess I'm not getting it. How do MMORPGs work? What kinds of story can take place there?

And are there any non-massively multiplayer games? I could picture that. Five or six players queue up on a server, picking available characters from the books or creating their own, and then play through a tightly plotted adventure together. That might work for "everything-changing" plots like those of EQ.