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Sooo... Any new thoughts on Windkin? I've been thinking about him (not in that way... Grin ) lately, and I've been wondering things. Of course, it's all things that people have already asked about, but it still is something to think about. Maybe there are some new theories as to why he hasn't returned, or what role he could possibly play in anything upcoming? Wink

As to what he could do if he did show up - what's gonna happen next? What, Cutter finds yet another tribe and there's some psychotic villian.... So Windkin shows up and comes to the rescue when Cutter's in danger? Probably not, seeing that Cutter is mainly the hero... Wink Besides, I don't see Windkin as one to save the day when even Strongbow or someone else can't... I'm sorry. I mean, I love Windkin, but he's....frail.... I, like so many others, do want him back, but what is Wendy going to do with him? In one of my earlier posts, I said that I wanted him to pretty much bump into Ahdri and recognition hit... But what happens after? Wouldn't he have to prove himself to the Wolfrider's? I mean, after leaving like that, I'd imagine they'd be pissed. Any thoughts?