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Why, there's another possibility : the other way 'round !
Why not play ( solo player ) the WHOLE TRIBE in move / action ?
It's now possible easily, you know...
More : you could switch between characters when unsure.

Sounds like the older FF games I used to watch people play. I never played them myself, since I didn't have a Playstation, but they are lovely to watch.

But now I must speak out in favor of my beloved MMORPGs!


in a game I want to do silly, bizarre, pointless, embarrassing, whimsical things, or just walk around aimlessly, experiment; I want to play somebody who I'd really like to be, at least for a while

I understand why you don't like the idea of MMORPG games, but in my opinion they're great for things like this! I play Warcraft, where I can spend hours exploring, cooking up potions, fishing, or dancing. I've even spent an entire afternoon with a group of people being pirates and quoting Monty Python. I can be a very solitary person sometimes, and there's nothing in an MMO that forces you to interact with other people all the time. Sometimes, yes, but not always.

As someone who does play MMORPG's, I wouldn't discount the genre as a whole. Yes, it would be very *very* difficult to pull off and Elfquest MMORPG, harder even than Lucas' attempt at Star Wars:Galaxies (which I loved, but left after many many changes that I disagreed with). However, there is hope! I played the original Everquest as a Wood Elf, and found like-minded RPers online who also enjoyed our beloved Elfquest. They ran the guild as a sort of Worldpool/AU tribe of Wolfriders, and it actually went pretty well. We ignored the juvenile idiots, and they ignored us.

I also played EQ2, and while my guild there was not Elfquest oriented, never discount the value of a good group of people! There are fun, RP dedicated groups out there, you just have to know where to look.

I love the ability to be my alter-egos. They're all seperate and distinct individuals, and I happen to think it's a great stress reliever.

I shall now retire to my corner, and continue to lurk about this debate. /off soapbox.