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[quote:6fa3e311f2="Nowth"]Thaïs ~ my question is... is there any development in a MMO*** game, without fellow role-players? That is, is there a plot, a story going on, does the world change? Or does all of that depend on humans providing "plot energy"?[/quote:6fa3e311f2]

There [i:6fa3e311f2]is[/i:6fa3e311f2] said development, and it's one of the things about MMO games that can make the experience seem empty and pointless. Thoughout the game, the plot and events focus on your efforts, as the heroic protagonist, to rid the world of evil/kill foozle/find the elixir.

Problem is, there are half a million other players doing the exact same thing around you. Saving the world! 10 people crowded around the same non-player character, who is telling all of them, "Only you can help!" Queues of people waiting to slay a dragon, who conveniently is ressurrected after every death, etc.

So yeah, in MMOs, each player is really in their own little world, going from page 1 to the end of their own canned story. But they can see all the other players, in their own little worlds, but presented as if they were all in the same world. The game is made this way so that everyone can be the hero.

EVE Online is an exception, with an evolving, plotless world, IIRC, with players at the bottom and players at the top.