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[quote:ceaca99c32="Foxeye"][quote:ceaca99c32="Nowth"]I don't really care to be the hero[/quote:ceaca99c32]

I was mostly just ramling to read myself type. :P

[quote:ceaca99c32] but I'm into exploring artificial realities/interactive narratives. [/quote:ceaca99c32]

Huh. Well, they are definitely artificial realities. I was telling my husband the other day that during the time we were really into EQ, it literally was an alternate dimension to us. It wasn't just a game. (Which is scary, but there you have it.)[/quote:ceaca99c32]

Yeah, of course they're artificial realities.

I meant totally artificial -

[quote:ceaca99c32][quote:ceaca99c32]Having these things depend on people seems to remove the very qualities that make games interesting to me.[/quote:ceaca99c32]


Because I find it interesting that somebody would prepare a world with a story built into it, with a (small) population of creatures that do not actually exist outside the program. Their behaviour intrigues me; they're something new, slightly alien, almost "AI" when you're hanging your standards low...

I think it goes all the way back to the first computer I ever saw - an Apple II my dad had brought home from school. There were these wobbly black squares that you'd stick into it, and it would hum and whirr and click and out of nowhere create a world for you to run around in - freely. There was no plot that I could have understood with my twenty word vocabulary (I knew how to go North, West and South - but not East ;)) and I invariably died in the jungles of Venus or of exposure in the Himalaya - but here was freedom of a sort that Pac-Man couldn't give you. And using that freedom was kinda ...strangely... intimate, for me. It was a place where nobody bothered me. A place that existed all by itself, unlike a pen & paper RPG that was dead without humans.