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Hey there, I'm fairly new to this board, been around the old scroll for a while though and I probably expressed my discontent with how some of the stories and characters were tied in to other themes and plots with what I say are damn cheap tactics.

First let's look at the whole Kahvi question. Don't get me wrong I like Kahvi and I even liked the Kahvi story that came out some time back...but I hate how they tied her to the Wolfriders as not only the oldest living Wolfrider but also Two Spear's daughter. Somehow that just seems like a cheap method to link the Go Backs with the Wolfriders. I mean couldn't the Go Backs have been started by their own branch of Elves? The Wolfriders weren't the only elves that succeeded, the Gliders made it (until the Wolfriders found them) and so did the Sun Folk and neither of those groups had genetic ties to the Wolfriders.

Next we have Tier suddenly seeming like he could be Kahvi's abandoned kid...gah...again why why why do they have to pull these kind of cheap tricks?

And we have golden haired/golden eyed Nightfall being the daughter of brown haired/brown eyed Brownberry and Black haired/? eyed Longbranch...(I know about genetics and recessive genes - my family is blond and green eyed while i'm brown/brown) :roll: , but come on! Grrr...really I'm just bitching...cause I wanted her parents to be Briar and Amber from the anthologies!

Other problem I have is with Ahdri (sp?) dying. The girl (girl? ok so she was like 10000 yrs old) shouldn't have died. She never passed on her genetic material, never passed on her rockshaping ability...stupid stupid stupid bad Barry for killing her off Evil Grin !

I can probably think about other points to crab about, but I might as well see if anyone else feels the same or completely disagrees, or can come up with other frosty topics.

(oh! Final point! Unfinished stories! Stories hanging in limbo frost me off too!)

Of course that's just Mi opinion :twisted: