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Grin Yeah, these games really helped me learn English! And still do, at times. They're still making them - only more literary now, more experimental. I think that's great. Not everyone likes words, of course, but thoughts and feelings, or even just physical sensations, are hard to describe with graphics...

[size=10:a504a257fd][b:a504a257fd]Shore of An Underground Lake[/b:a504a257fd]
A narrow ledge of solid rock at the southern end of a great cavern. Beyond it lies a body of water so flat, so black and tranquil, that it might be a surface of polished obsidian.

Embedded in the wall, a mirror reflects your movements: an odd smoothness in the unshaped stone.

A heavy bronze bell hangs from a stand.

[color=blue:a504a257fd]>look in the mirror[/color:a504a257fd]
You make out your face -- a bit tired and smudged, and the features look sharper than you remembered. The brown dress hangs shapelessly from your shoulders.

[color=blue:a504a257fd]>strike the bronze bell with the rock then wait[/color:a504a257fd]
The peal is deep and resonant; the surface of the lake stands up in ripples; the darkness grows (if that is possible) more dark. Even when the sound has died and the water stilled, you find yourself waiting.
Time passes.

There is a distant splash; a long silence; a repetition.

[color=blue:a504a257fd]>touch the water[/color:a504a257fd]
So cold it burns your fingers and leaves your whole arm feeling momentarily numb.

A dark shape distinguishes itself from the other darkness on the water: a small gondola without passengers, a single gondolier bent at his pole. It is progressing towards you.


("Metamorphoses", by Emily Short)