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Rayek doesn't count.

He was born because the Sun Village didn't have *any* hunters. So one was born to feed the tribe by hunting when the crops were poor.

Gliders don't count because they pretty much stopped breeding entirely. Though not entirely by their own choice. (I'm still . . . . seriously upset at Winnie for her take on "Zero Population Growth") Still, except for the Chosen Eight, they're a pretty passive bunch, even if Recognition created them.

Yes, the Wolfriders are trained to fight and have the wolf blood to fight fiercely. But that's not why they came out so much better in the war than the Go-Backs. The Go-Backs were . . . DnD characters with straight 9's to 11's in stats. Some of them were lower because of inbreeding problems. The Wolfriders each had a stat average of about 15 to 16. If you've ever played DnD, then you know how much more likely the latter character is, at level 1, to survive than the former. And the difference stays that drastic the higher level the characters get.

I hate having to use alien analogies, but that's the only way I can think of to explain the quality difference.

Mrs. Grizzley