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[quote:b6e508098f="krwordgazer"]Hmm. I agree that Strongbow's more prickly characteristics can really turn people off. I think it's at least partly in self-defense, however. A way of protecting his inner self. And at least some of it came from Crescent's death, [...]

As I said, a result of brutality ...but really, he did seem a bit stiff even while Crescent was alive. A little like Sole Protector Rayek, but without the gloating. He's like a guy in uniform making you feel like you haven't bled enough to afford the fun you're having. But I can see how his steadfast convictions would be attractive. I guess what I value more is the ability to change your mind, and to have new ideas every once in a while. But then, that just wouldn't be Strongbow, so as a "contribution" to Elfquest I like him just the way he is.[/quote:b6e508098f]

I was just flipping through the original quest and saw Strongbow, who stubbornly refused to go into Blue Mountain, conceed because his tribe needed him. I have absoluetly NO problem with Strongbow's stubborness. As was discussed earlier in this thread, he would definately be my favorite character even if he wasn't gorgeous, I love his type, and his quirks specific to him alone. He knows when is enough.

I was thinking that Surge reminded me of him a little, but Surge is going a bit fanatical, in similar way to Two Spear, only not as bad.

BUT, I hate moonshade. I used to REALLY hate her, but she's growing on me a little. Probably just because I loved Strongbow so much and no one was good enough for him...but moonshade is a good lifemate. It just takes a while to figure out when you're a bit jealous. haha. I'd still say she one of my least favorite elves.....

Which is funny that a really steadfast couple, one of the most recognising couples ever are on polar opposite ends of my list.

oooooh, and i so want to know what's up with the elfquest action figures series III, cus wasn't strongbow supposed to be in there somewhere. *drools*