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I have a moment and only a small comment to make anyway. (I do have some technical cooments but they can wait.) Characterizations look great all around but Ingen couldn't have sent back to Aroree; in the Sun Village at the time only Savah (and maybe Sun Toucher) could send. That scene needs either some explanation (like Aroree noting the surprise and lack of skill of the sender's mind voice) or some rewriting.

A brief note about my injury... I was cleaning my knife and it went off. I'm ok but I did need one stitch just above the knuckle of me right index finger. Between that and the tetnus shot, I'm living Rayek's early youth-- you know, when he'd lost the use of his dominant arm and had to learn how to do everything with only his weak arm. Unlike him however, I doubt I'll be like this long enough to be ambidextrous when it's over.

I'm also preparing to go visit family for two weeks so I probably won't be on the forum for awhile.