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Characterizations look great all around but Ingen couldn't have sent back to Aroree; in the Sun Village at the time only Savah (and maybe Sun Toucher) could send. That scene needs either some explanation (like Aroree noting the surprise and lack of skill of the sender's mind voice) or some rewriting.

This I actually can explain. Ingen wasn't sending, he was dead. His soul was lingering, not quite realizing it had left its body (his violent death minutes earlier had confused him severely).

When Aroree sent, Ingen thought someone was talking to him and replied. Only spirits can't be heard if they aren't sending. When he realized she couldn't hear him desperation - and the fact that he was a spirit - allowed him to send, although not very well.

Aroree of course thought she was talking to a living elf, interpreting his remembered pain, unskilled sending and fear as him being wounded (can't imagine she's been sent to by many spirits before that, especially not one who's died only moments before).

As Aroree began replying Ingen began to realize something was wrong. In fact he started to realize he was dead. That's when his sending voice began to grow fainter since his soul was being drawn to the Palace. When his soul was gone from the forest Aroree experienced this as him just being "gone" and therefore dead. Death and the dead isn't really the Gliders' field of expertise so to speak.

*whew* That was a long explanation. It will be explained "in-story" as well further on, but I thought it better to make things clear before that so it wouldn't annoy people so much.