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Okay. You're right. He's not so inflexible that he breaks before he bends. But he is a bit xenophobic and merciless at times - or was, anyway (Sorrow's End - soft little rabbits, kill all humans, be like Bearclaw, be tough as nails all day long?). I realise he's grown up since then, and experienced first hand the joys of crippling guilt among other things.

I suppose it depends on what your personal experience with tradition is. I'm all for preserving languages and songs and costumes but tradition as a whole has no real place for people like some of my friends or myself.

It just turns me off when tradition becomes its own justification, and Strongbow isn't shown engaging in a lot of questioning or reasoning. Unless you've never before met people who were at all willing to stand up for their ideals, I can't imagine what's so attractive about so much disapproval, resentment and suppressed anger in one tight-lipped skinny package.

It's clear that his heart is in it, though, and I did enjoy his and Moonshade's Dreamtime bit. Without that and the Kureel incident I'd probably still dislike him.