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[quote:711acf9700="Nowth"]A refusal or inability to imagine that things could be different and not actually worse for it, a strong conviction that you're right no matter what... those are not attractive qualities to me.[/quote:711acf9700]

Those aren't attractive qualities to me, either, Nowth-- but every weakness has its attendant strengths (and vice versa). These weaknesses in Strongbow correspond to an unshakable loyalty (if you can convince him you're worthy to be his leader), and an intense commitment to his tribe and family. There is a certain attractiveness in someone who won't be swayed, someone who you can rely on to always be there, exactly where you need him to be to keep your back covered.

As for his looks-- it seems to me like they help him get away with a lot that wouldn't be forgiven in someone less handsome. Wink But really, his looks are beside the point. His soul, underneath the hardness, is tender and easily wounded-- which is probably the reason for the hardness in the first place.

And I [i:711acf9700]do [/i:711acf9700]find his "flint-ness" an endearing weakness. :)

(BTW, Moonshade is also somewhat "flinty," tends to be convinced she's right, and is not especially endowed with imagination. And yet you love her. What's the difference, do you think?)