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There is no femine ideal , there is no male ideal, there is only what's right for you! If your mate has an ideal that they like in the opposite sex, good for them, if it's not your ideal for you, too bad for them!

As for why only male traits are consdidered good, I disagree, many femine traits are considered good as well. But I don't think of them in those terms. It's good to be proactive, to be able to defend yourself and your loved ones. It's good to be able to view an argument or an issue from both sides. It's good to seek compromise first and if that doesn't work to stand by your guns and refuse to give when someone is trying to take advatage of you. These aren't male or female in my eyes, they are good and bad. Gender matters only if you let it, it's such an unimportant thing, after all we are talking about biological PLUMBING!!! How you pee and where you stand in the reproduction game.

To me Khavi is a wonderful example of the feminine ideal, as is Nightfall, as is Clearbrook, as is Krim, as is Dewshine. When you think about it we have slightly chubby female elves (Shen Shen), anorexic looking female elves (Dewshine), and athletic, muscular looking female elves (Khavi). The ideal is whoever you want it to be, just don't be too surprised if someone else agrees or disagrees with you. Beauty, as in most things, is in the eye of the beholder.

As for me I really like Khavi, her tribe came first, before her own needs and before the needs of other groups. Which when you think of modern politics is what we ask of our leaders. To put us first before ALL else, Khavi did that for the Go-Backs. Which is a good thing because no one else was going to, everyone else was either too busy trying to kill them or too busy putting them down for being less when in actuality all they are is different.

Khavi raised both Vaya and Venka into adulthood and both were strong, capable women who I admire. They both understood the value of sacrificing themselves for others, for fighting the good fight and being what they will be. I think many people forget that, Khavi was a damn good mother, but people often look to anyone else they can find to explain how her kids came out besides [i:677b5d4022]her[/i:677b5d4022]. Well Khavi raised them, and she didn't go wandering off again till Venka was a grown woman. This tells me all I need to know. Khavi taught her daughters the one lesson that all parents should teach their children..."Be a better person than I was, because I was by no means perfect."

*Lifts glass*

Here's to Khavi...much maligned...and much loved.

*Drains her glass*