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I think it's more the girls who admire Kahvi for her "male" qualities.

My question about Kahvi and magic wasn't about Kahvi having magic per se-- it was about her character, and whether she'd be able to responsibly handle the kind of power that magic would give her. I know Go-Backs don't approve of magic, but supposing they did? Would Kahvi use her magic ruthlessly for the furtherance of the Go-Back tribe, at the expense of everyone else? She seems to use every other resource at her disposal in that way.

Oh, and about Nomad-Human's comment:

[quote:a4d2f46952="nomad-human"]As far as letting her warriors hack trolls into pieces for fun, that's only seen with Guttlegraw, and he had just killed Khavi's daughter Vaya, and was directly responsible for so many Go-Back deaths. I think in light of that it makes their rather bloodthirsty actions more understandable, not right of course but more understandable. Speaking as a former marine, it's not easy to turn off the adrenaline after it's been let loose. [/quote:a4d2f46952]

I agree about the adrenaline-- but the scene I was actually thinking about was at the very beginning of the war, when the Wolfriders and Go-Backs first entered the tunnels and met their first trolls. The text says some of the Wolfriders were shocked by the brutality of the way the Go-Backs attacked-- and Kahvi said something along the lines of "Let them have their fun."

Don't get me wrong, I have never really disliked Kahvi-- but I do find her quite ruthless and Machiavellian, most of the time.

As for this:

[quote:a4d2f46952="nomad-human"]It's just interesting to me that most people seem to have sympathy for the devil (Winnie), sympathy for the male anti-hero (Reyak), but little to none for the female anti-hero (Khavi). I have my own opinions why, but they are for another time. [/quote:a4d2f46952]

Seems to me like a lot of people also have little to no sympathy for the other character who seems to me to be the male equivalent of Kahvi -- Bearclaw.