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Thank you lovey! Sometimes I think the sympathy for Reyak v. Khavi makes me think of the lack of sympathy for Two-Edge. He isn't pretty...so screw 'im. Sometimes I get that same feeling about the similar lack of sympathy for Khavi.

I guess sometimes I wish that I could scream from the rafters "Who cares if he's pretty and tortured!?!?! Who cares if she's beautiful and haunted!?!?! Doesn't anyone care about their actions?!?!

But in the end I find myself bitterly dissapointed and my feelings on the subject can never be expressed with the eloquency that they have in my mind. But I'm a gonna try...and I'm a gonna ramble...so forgive me...

I get upset when people sweep the actions of a certain attractive desert rogue under the rug mostly because of my background. My family saw and felt on their skin the cold hard results of genocide. The sickness of the mind that causes it. How even though a group of people bleed, live, dream, love with the vividness that makes them be considered alive...someone can still see them as nothing. The kind of nothig that it doesn't matter if they take their rights away, herd them into camps, perform the type of medical experiments that only a bad seed of a person can come up with, that these things can be done to them. They can have numbers tattooed down their arms so that it's even easier to take away the vital humaness of them...after all it's only 47633 begging you not to burn them alive...not a REAL person...

THAT'S what genocide is, that's what the type of sick minds that believe that kind of, I lack the words to describe it...well that's how they behave when given enough power. Reyak never got the chance to become that, thanks to Leetah, Ekuar and Venka. THAT'S what Winnie wants. Winnie isn't sorry, so I wish she'd just be gone. Reyak realized how sick he had become, and excepts the punishment he earned with honor and dignity. That alone has made me respect him, not love him, not like him terribly much...but respect him.

Khavi is tough, tunnel visioned and a warrior amoung warriors. She leads a tribe in the middle of a war zone, with NO safe place to go. You kill or you die, no other options even pretend to exist. You kill or the trolls EAT you. The Wolfriders provoked the same shocked and slightly sickened response from the Sunfolk. It's called culture shock. You change to suit your environment or you die...it's nature. I don't think that makes Khavi bad.

What makes Khavi flawed is her lack of an ability to listen to others. It's her way or the highway...and that isn't good. Khavi could be a GREAT chief, but untill she learns to share some of her power and listen to someone she will only be a good one. Cutter can lead so many different types of people because he can listen to others, Khavi is only a good chief for the Go-Backs because of this lack in her. I think Khavi has made some boneheaded moves, but so have other elves (Skywise comes to mind). I don't see anything she has ever done as evil, not like Winnie and Reyak. In fact I see Bearclaw in very much the same light, he made some STUPID moves in his time...but not evil ones.

I have more to say...but I can't, this rant has exhausted me enough. This conversation always ends up in the same place and every time it goes there. Well suffice it to say that it gets...oh screw it...it get's to a place where we are all fighting and the thread either gets locked or it petters out because we can't see each other's side. G-d knows I, without fail, end up sounding like a shrill, frigid b*tch.