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'Gazer, I don't think you are a "screaming fangirl" for that particular portion of the rant I was speaking to different audience. We all know that you're not the screaming fangirl type (however I have my bets that you at least once in high school screamed fangirl-esque. I know I did Grin ).

For me, you are right...I can't disengage my emotions on the genocide issue. And I would never want to, I truly believe that it SHOULD sicken people. It's an evil so huge we shouldn't be able to sympathize with it. I hope I would feel the same way even if a large chunk of my family hadn't died in the Holocaust. At least I hope so anyway...

There was a lot in there that I've wanted to say for the last 2 years...and didn't. I didn't want to be the stereotypical Jew waving around the Holocaust for shock value. But, well it had to be said. When I hear people defend Reyak's genocidal plans, it makes me think of the folks that tell me that either the Holocaust didn't happen and it's a Jewish conspiracy, or that it wasn't really Germany's fault. They were starving, so it was ok.

I try to keep a lid on it, but after 2 years of keeping it in, it had to come out, or I was going to explode. Sorry if it seemed personal against you, it wasn't.

As for Khavi, I would really be interested in seeing if anyone else believes that Khavi and tribe suffer from PTSD. Also, does anyone have a theory about which type of magic Khavi's personality suits? I still say rockshaper. There's something about her need to protect and defend that speaks to rockshaping for me.