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True... it was a dream... but there was a bit of a lesson on the nature of "badness" attached, so it seemed like more.

Been thinking some more...

I don't think it would've shocked me very much had Cutter, Kahvi or somebody killed Rayek to stop him. (Abodean standards here, not mine.) The comic just didn't make me want to do it myself. And I'm not sure it tried to have that effect. There is an irreality to Rayek's crimes somehow, not like with Shuna's dad who's an arghh go away leave us alone kind of nasty. And he's probably not even half as aware of himself as Rayek. Just acting out his miserable programming.

I suppose... maybe I just feel sorry for everyone who screws up so badly without ever meaning to be "evil". If you never felt that you were the one who was wronged - you start to get used to thinking of yourself as in constant need of forgiveness and in constant danger of punishment. Naturally I could never identify with Cutter or Nightfall or other impeccable characters. So it is for my own sake that mistakes have to be forgivable and perhaps this leads to moral relativism disguised as compassion. I don't know.

*blah*... hm. Interesting.