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[quote:d2c34df6db="krwordgazer"]As for the Venka thing-- that makes sense. A thousand pities that Kahvi could neither understand nor appreciate how much fatherhood meant to Rayek (or how appalling he would find it that she showed no grief for the "dead" infant), but, as has been said, that's Kahvi. But it does add to the reasons why I am certain they are not suited to one another as a couple.[/quote:d2c34df6db]

Good point Krword! I guess it is "a thousand pities."

But like you say, that's Kahvi. I think, to a certain extent, she was trying to piss off Rayek, just to make him go away. But even if the baby had really died... I doubt she would have shown much grief. If you remember Vaya's death-- the only time Kahvi cries is when her daughter is lying on top of the pile of fallen warriors. When Vaya is killed by the trolls, Kahvi uses it to fuel her anger and keep her strong in battle. In part, I think, she does so because she respected Vaya's decision. Ultimately though, I think Kahvi really is about being practical and moving on.

Which, perhaps goes to show why they are so poorly suited to each other, as you said. Wink