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Well, if I remember well she left her tribe, after Rayek went nuts and dispersed those of the Go-Backs he didn't decimate, with the specific intent to find him (probably not to kiss and make up) and the palace. She arrived too late in the forest, met up with Aroree, and they both went to Sun village hot on his trail. Once again they were too late and they had to chase him all the way to the new continent. On their way they lost Aroree's bird to exhaustion and met with Tyldak. She's got to be the unluckiest girl on Abode because she, yet again, arrived too late and he had gone off with the palace for 10,000 years. Stranded there with a baby, she wisely waited until she was done raising her daughter among the wolfriders (even if it stung her pride to submit to another chief and be dismissed by her own tribe members) before getting back on the road to find the remnants of her tribe and try to get them reorganized. Up to then I see no wanderlust, restlessness, meaness, etc... Later, when she took the Go-Backs on a war against Sun village, when she stole the small egg from Aurek, when she tried to impose an involuntary fatherhood on Cutter (this, to me, is a form of rape), and when she abandonned Teir as a child (if we can trust his very vague memory in when Lerringen (sp) presented the Hunt with her braids).I don't recognize her. She had become sour and, at the same time, paradoxically monomaniac and rudderless. I keep on hoping she died bravely and made up for that part of her life. I hope also that Wendy will show us that episode eventually.