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Lovely new chapter, Sofia! It has Two-Edge! And everyone's so in character! *bounces around the office*

I'll be over here, waiting for the next part Happy.

What would a Gliders-centred-Worldpool be without Two-Edge? Sorry for keeping you waiting! I'm writing, I promise, I'm just a little distracted right now *sorrysorrysorry*

Sofia, I enjoyed this newest installment immensely. Everyone's actions were very believable. It was funny how when Rayek fell down, the Gliders acted so helpless. And Tyldak's conversation with the boy was priceless! I love watching those two interact!

I'm so glad to hear I got the Gliders IC! I didn't want to exaggurate their "unique" way of thinking, but still wanted to keep the extreme cultural differences between them and Sun Folk, so I was a little torn on how to handle the whole "Rayek-in-different-stages-of-childhood-chapter".

And I very much enjoy writing Tyldak. He's so unlike the other Gliders, without being completely off his rock (as say, Winnowill or Two-Edge). There'll definately be more scenes between him and Rayek.

Wow, being raised as an orphan by the childless Gliders is probably being even worse for Rayek (in terms of getting spoiled rotten) than being raised as a magic-user in the Sun Village was! It does make sense, though. Poor Gliders.

Well done! Looking forward to more, when you have time!

Oh do I have plans for our poor, spoiled little elfling *evil smirk* And don't forget to add Winnowill and Two-Edge - or recident sociopath and random crazy person - to the Rayek-growing-up-equation!

*pokes Sofia* Sofia? Are you alive?

Yes, yes! Once again, sorry for semi-dying! I tend to get really caught up in each chapter I write so I sort of disappear from the Net while doing so. Didn't mean to ignore anyone, sorry!

And I'm also one of those human beings who can't say no to anything interesting - meaning that I have at least six fanfics due until X-mas, all in different fandoms (why do I do this to myself _every year_? Oh, yes, I'm somewhat insane...). But don't worry, WAF won't be forgotten! I'm still working on chapter 3! I promise there will be an update, hopefully before New Years Eve (why can't school end yet? I really don't need more tests right now.)

Jade Owl
How did I miss this? Sofia, this is awesome.

The Gliders were all just different shades of the same shadow (...)

So beautiful!

Thank you for the kind words!